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Design Beyond Deception: A Practitioner's Manual to Tackle Deceptive Design

We have developed a manual of responsible design principles for practitioners keeping users and their needs at the centre.

Using our human-centered design approach, this project combines multidisciplinary research with insights gathered from a community of practitioners to create a manual of ethical UI/UX design principles which practitioners can use to tackle deceptive design practices.
Design beyond deception :A practitioner's manual to tackle deceptive design
Suggested citation: Vashist, T., Krishnakumar, S. and Kamalakannan, D. (2023, October). Design Beyond Deception. The Pranava Institute.

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We explore the nature of 'dark patterns', the role of cognitive bias in the design, and reported user harms. It seeks to centre the designer's role in challenging deception and moving towards responsible practice.

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