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Unpacking Deceptive Design


The 'Unpacking Deceptive Design' Research Series is a collaborative space for researchers and practitioners to contribute from diverse disciplinary perspectives in an attempt to fill knowledge and awareness gaps on deceptive design. The series invites contributions reflecting on deceptive design practices as it intersects with competition in digital markets, data protection and privacy, consumer protection online, financial security, human rights and social security across jurisdictions.

A particular focus area for this research is to investigate and tease out deceptive design hidden in technology interfaces, contexts, and digital spaces which have received lesser attention. This series focusses on new technologies, emergent use-cases, and new intersections between emerging technologies, communities and cases in the Global South, and deceptive designs within and through these. Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds- they are artists, researchers, technologists, activists and policy wonks who have come together to contribute uniquely to the discourse on deceptive design.

To request a printed copy, please reach out here.
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