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Where Tech  meets Design

The Pranava Institute's work on design and technology focusses on taking up new challenges at the intersection of tech x design x youth; and technology and ethical design. Interdisciplinary in nature, projects focus on academic as well as multimedia outputs for policymakers, youth, educators and practitioners. 

The Unboxing Tech Toolkit Series 

The Unboxing Tech Toolkit project seeks to develop open source educational toolkits for youth to help them navigate the relationship with their smartphones. The toolkits address themes such as persuasive design, concepts from STS, the materiality of the smartphone and designing for all to enable personal reflection. Download the first toolkit here. The second toolkit is being developed with support from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Singapore. 

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Pranava @RightsCon 2022

At RightsCon 2022, the Unboxing Tech Toolkit: Part 1 was opened up to a larger audience as a community lab session where we explored how educators, civil society leaders, policymakers and youth experienced the toolkit, and helped the project reach out to the right audience. 

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Tech x Youth: Bringing the Youth in 

Our work with youth focusses on enabling participation of young people in toolkits and resources designed with and for them. With 45% of the world’s internet users below the age of 25, young people are increasingly living their lives in the digital domain, as education, entertainment, social life and commerce become online activities. With the young becoming the biggest group in the infosphere, it becomes crucial to empower them with the freedom and skills to navigate digital life, and understand their imaginaries of the internet through effective participation. 

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