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How can we design a trustworthy digital future for all?

How can we create digital experiences that are safe, promote well-being and can be trusted by users? The Ethical Design Project is an attempt to re-engage with UI/UX design practice today in order to tackle deceptive design, and move towards ethical practices.  In this project, we aim to investigate the impacts of 'dark patterns' on users, markets and society at large by using participatory methods and human-centered design to create a manual on responsible design for practitioners.

Explore the Project

The Ethical Design Project has used a multi-step process to produce research and develop a manual of practice. Our research series seeks to explore the concrete harms of deceptive design especially focussing on lesser explored topics. The designer's manual is a practical, hands-on guide for designers and other practitioners who seek to move towards trusted and responsible design practice for a better digital future. Explore these workstreams below.
The Unpacking Deceptive Design Research Series
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The Designer's Manual of Ethical Design Practice

Meet the Team

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Project Co-lead

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